- 2020 The Fall of Islamic States

This book chronicles a 2500-year history of the Middle East. It all began in the B.C. era with a period of glorious empire, followed by Arab invasions and Ottoman domination and ending with three genocides of the past century and the totally repressive Iranian Revolution of 1979. That last event ushered in the regime of the corrupt and tyrannical Ayatollahs, led by Ayatollah Khomeini and his successor, Ayatollah Khamenie.
My intent in providing this lengthy, inclusive history, beginning with benevolent rulers like Cyrus, literary masterworks such as the “Shamanah” and peaceful relations among neighbors, has been to demonstrate the dominant civilizing influence of Persia (now Iran) in the region.
If we can see the history of that nation, before the invasions by Arab invaders and the self-interested rule of colonial powers in the 1800s, we can have our minds open to the possibility that an era of conciliation is possible. The only thing preventing such a return to those better, once-before, times are the shackles imposed by our limited historical consciousness.

The last two chapters of the book predicts events at 2018 until the Fall of Islamic States at 2020.